Rethinking Damage Protection for Buried Infrastructure

As an industry leader and innovator, we strive to challenge conventional wisdom and embrace original thinking.

In this post, we’re shedding light on five commonly held assumptions surrounding damage to buried critical utility infrastructure.

Assumption 1: All asset damages caused by mechanical digging can be immediately identified and reported.

Challenge: In the real world, the reliance on post-damage identification often leads to delays in response, causing further complications and outages. In some circumstances, damage is not identified, re-buried, only to cause problems later.

FiberSense DigitalAsset™️provides real-time monitoring on buried infrastructure, enabling early detection of potential damages. This proactive approach minimises the risk of complications or outages, ensuring utilities operate a more reliable infrastructure.

Assumption 2: Everyone follows responsible excavation practices and contacts their relevant local authorities before excavating buried assets.

While “dial before you dig” and 811 hotlines provide a valuable service, the reality is that non-compliant digging activities pose a real risk of asset damages, even when the process is assumed to be followed correctly.

DigitalAsset™️ adds an extra layer of protection, detecting real-time digging activities and alerting utilities about unauthorized or unreported excavations. With a shorter mean time to detect (MTTD), utilities can take preventive measures and ensure a more resilient and reliable infrastructure.

Assumption 3: Patrolling is sufficient to identify potential damages across an entire distribution network.

The problem here, is that there is no way for patrollers to be everywhere at once, limiting their coverage of an asset.

DigitalAsset™️ technology provides comprehensive situational awareness across an entire asset length, which is unachievable with spot patrolling. Early detection of potential damages will improve overall asset management and uptime.

Assumption 4: Infrastructure maps are always accurate and up to date.

The truth here, is that relying on outdated or inaccurate infrastructure maps can lead to locating errors and potential damages during digging activities.

DigitalAsset™️ offers real-time insights into asset locations. By challenging the assumption of map accuracy, we can prevent damages via early intervention, reducing the risk of accidental damages, and improving overall excavation safety.

Assumption 5: Damage prevention requires significant financial investments and consumes excessive resources.

With the application of advanced technologies like FiberSense DigitalAsset™️, damage prevention becomes more efficient and cost-effective. Real-time monitoring and early detection enable utilities to minimize downtime, and reduce overall costs associated with damage to their assets.

At FiberSense, we’re committed to challenging assumptions and driving positive change in the utility industry. We invite industry peers, stakeholders, and thought leaders to join us in this critical conversation and revolutionize damage prevention.

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