What Our Clients Are Saying

“The FiberSense acoustic sensing service, DigitalAsset™, allows us to detect multiple threats from a single platform, which is important in a marine environment where risks can come from a wide variety of sources, such as vessels anchoring, seismic events, etc. The fact that system does not require the deployment of any active sensors is ideal from an operations and maintenance perspective”
Joska Ferencz, Chief Operating Officer, Basslink
“FiberSense is allowing us for the first time to actively monitor and protect the terrestrial network at the physical layer. Through early detection and threat discrimination FiberSense DigitalAsset™ allows us to effectively and efficiently intervene to help guard against outages. We are looking forward to the next evolution of DigitalAsset™, which will enable us to further protect the marine side of the network.”
Dean Veverka, Director Networks & Vice President Operations, Southern Cross Cable Network
“We have deployed the FiberSense DigitalAsset™ solution across our network in Singapore to help us protect our network from being damaged. The solution allows us to accurately identify construction activity and, in particular, stop Rogue Digging events – contractors working without permits. Rogue Digging events present the highest risk of damage to our network and DigitalAsset™ allows us to effectively deploy our field crews to an exact location to intervene before our network can be damaged.”
Jeffrey Seah, Fibre Project Manager, Superloop Singapore
“Superloop has been using FiberSense DigitalAsset™ to monitor and protect our Singapore fiber network infrastructure for five months. During this time, the system has been providing valuable real-time excavation detection information, allowing us to target our field crews to the locations that are at most risk.”
Andrew Perkins, Head of Fibre Infrastructure, Superloop
“FiberSense DigitalAsset™ is providing us with great around the clock information about the volume and nature of the potential threats to our network, which allows us to take proactive steps to ensure we achieve maximum uptime.”
Neville Hainke, Manager, Technology and Customer Support, Southern Cross Cable Network
“The precision mapping process that FiberSense conducts when enabling the FiberSense DigitalAsset™ service has been invaluable in ensuring we know exactly where our assets are, not just where they are meant to be.”
David Clampett, Network Administrator, Southern Cross Cable Network

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