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FiberSense – redefining the way we see and respond to the world around us

At Fiber-Sense, we are breaking new ground in the way that acoustic sensing via fiber optic cables allows us to understand our world anew. But we do so knowing our innovations follow a well-travelled road

FiberSense and Vodafone NZ convert existing fiber assets in to sensing Fabric

Vodafone New Zealand is expanding its partnership with a company that uses its existing underground fibre cables to proactively monitor for natural disasters and civil works.

After a successful pilot in Auckland, the partnership with FiberSense will also be able to provide advance warnings on third-party issues like gas and water leaks in Wellington, the company said

FiberSense and SX announce world first in-band solution to monitor and protect submarine cables.

Deep-tech fiber sensing company FiberSense and critical infrastructure owner Southern Cross Cable Network (SX) have today announced successful testing of the world’s first subsea cable monitoring service that can co-exist on alive traffic carrying fiber. The FiberSense DigitalAsset™ Marine system is the first of its kind to proactively defend critical subsea assets

Climate change requires a multi-facet approach.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report re-highlighted the threat from carbon emissions.  Governments are realising that battling climate change requires a multi-facet approach and that tech capability and innovation are key weapons for the fight.  A recent ICPC | International Cable Protection Committee report and a paper in Nature showed…

FiberSense to protect all 16,000km of the HyperOne network

FiberSense is very proud to be working with the HyperOne to bring unparalleled awareness and security to this vital project through our FiberSenseAssured service. FiberSense are bringing continuous, real time monitoring of the entire network 24×7, protecting it from any external aggression (such as excavators)…

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