Game Changing Real-Time Detection of Objects and Events

About FiberSense

FiberSense has focused on applying Distributed Fiber Sensors in the toughest environment they can be deployed – the noisy urban setting of cities around the world.

Our breakthrough algorithms allow the full insights of distributed fiber sensing to be realized without being swamped by false alarms. This breakthrough has been used to build award winning applications that have changed the way that we understand activities, objects and events in cities.

As a result, our distributed fiber sensing has revolutionized the way our customers think about, manage and protect their critical infrastructure assets. We are breaking down the barriers for effective sensing at scale across cities and marine environments, providing highly accurate, sophisticated and scalable sensing technology that you can trust.

With our technology platform, we can filter what’s important from the dense and noisy urban environment, distilling mechanical threats to critical infrastructure from the everyday constant cacophony of a city.

Core Capability

The team at FiberSense excel at converting real time object and event data into actionable and practical information our clients can leverage for clear business benefit.

As a result, our partners and customers “see” the operational performance of their assets and city fabric whether underground, underwater in a pipeline or travelling across a roadway.

Our technology stack is driven by AI and ML, allowing us to constantly improve our products’ performance and deliver industry-leading false positive/negative rates.

Operational Excellence

We have an intense focus across FiberSense on operational excellence. It is easy to provide a sensing service across a small number of systems but scaling it to thousands of systems is a whole different ball game. FiberSense has mastered the art of operationalising our sensing service at scale. Our global operations enable us to provide our services across any city, in any country.

This allows us to serve our customers in the most efficient and effective way possible, while also providing them with the best possible value. As a result, we are delivering net economic benefit to our clients and partners day in and day out.

Measurable Impact

FiberSense understands the importance of getting clear, measurable outcomes for our clients.

Our solutions are designed to deliver tangible results that can be quantified for impact and provide evidenced value through data.

Business Cases that Work

The FiberSense services have now matured to the point there is clear net economic benefit for applying sensing as a service across a range of applications. The unique combination of low-cost deployment, “as a service” monthly subscription model and 24/7 monitoring sets us apart in making critical infrastructure monitoring a low-cost reality, delivered via an easy-to-use client portal.

Our solutions are designed to help our clients get in front of damage to critical infrastructure, even before it happens. This reduces costs across economic, social, and environmental factors.

By investing in our technology, our clients can protect their assets, minimize downtime, and avoid the high costs associated with strikes.
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