Round the clock next generation monitoring of water infrastructure.

Water loss remains a pressing concern on a global scale, with burst water mains being a primary contributor. This challenge is compounded by leaks, operational inefficiencies, and unauthorized connections. Despite a variety point sensor-based monitoring systems, in their various forms and flavours, the industry has yet to see a real network scale breakthrough in tackling this persistent and significant issue. 

With water and wastewater infrastructure account for approximately 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. And the projected cost of inaction on water-related risks is up to five times greater than the cost of proactive measures, the time to act is now.

FiberSense’s DigitalLeak™️ provides water network operators with innovative monitoring technology that delivers game-changing data and insights needed for rapid detection and response to bursts and other threats to water security. DigitalLeak™️ is the first solution offering the economics per mile necessary for total coverage — a vital component for water leak reduction to be truly effective. DigitalLeak™️ is poised revolutionise the water industry, setting a new standard in water leak management and conservation. 

By leveraging fiber optic cables already in the ground, DigitalLeak™️ provides:

  • Precise Burst Detection: This allows for the rapid dispatch of field crews for early intervention and remediation.
  • Localization: Pinpoint accurate alerts and identification of water points of interest reduce wasted time in locating breaks and other emergencies.
  • Cost-Efficiency: By leveraging a turnkey, fully outsourced, fiber-based sensing service at scale, water companies can monitor their entire network at a fraction of the total operational cost of point sensors.
  • Continuous Monitoring: DigitalLeak’s sensing technology offers non-contact, real-time surveillance of water pipes, ensuring early issue detection and reducing downtime, disruptions, and water loss.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Continuous, in-depth monitoring delivers valuable data sets that enrich water operations and improve reporting to regulators, shareholders, and the public.
  • Iterative Solution: Our ever-evolving platform brings features such as ‘leak before break’ closer to realization.