FiberSense Careers

FiberSense is a deep tech company with a remarkable set of capabilities and new service offerings that will transform the way we perceive and respond in public spaces.  Our mission is to build the first centralized ubiquitous sensing fabric for all moving objects and events in public spaces in all cities around the world. Our expertise and technology sits at the intersection of optical fiber sensing networks, integrated photonics and machine learning. More than a sensor company, FiberSense is building out a global scale sensing platform using our patented VID+R™ (Vibration Detection and Ranging) technology. The company is Australian founded and already has employees across the globe, which is also true of our customers. FiberSense is implementing a giant vision and a culture built on two key pillars of massive innovation and effective execution.  We offer an environment that is exciting, inclusive, challenging, fun and extremely rewarding. 

Making the World Safer. Better.